Food after Fukushima

Since the Fukushima disaster, I've been monitoring radioactive contamination of food - especially focusing on how the authority would force polluted food on people. As you know, radioactive milk was dumped on developing countries after the Chernobyl disaster. Unhealthy food is dumped on the weak and the poor - business as usual.

My first thought after the Fukushima disaster was: Japanese government will try more strongly to force contaminated food on her people and the world poor, because she has quite many farm/livestock/fish producers inside the same country with consumers, and she wants to continue with nuclear power even after THAT disaster.

Here I collect some information which might be useful for you to see what's going on in Japan. It would be great if you could help Japanese people to ban the nuclear for the better future of their children and of the world.
by Midori

[Useful English information from Japan]
"Fukushima Update - Tracking Japan's nuclear crisis"
by Green Action Japan

Citizen`s Nuclear Information Center (CNIC)

Peace Philosophy Centre

[How much radioactive contamination ]
Map of contour lines of radioactive contamination, showing the spread of radiation in Japan.
June 2011, Contour lines drawn by Prof. Hayakawa, Gunma University, based on official data

The collection of maps showing the spread of radiation, by (Japanese)

The Situation in Japan (Updated 05/13/11) | DOE Blog
(The posted slid has maps showing contamination)

See how radiation spread covering half of Japan in this movie clip, *simulation* based on Worldwide version of SPEEDI by Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA)

[How much radioactive contaminated food Japanese people are eating]
"World Shocking Japanese 'Temporary' Standard level - 2000 becquerel"
The comparison of various food standards, showing how loose the Japanese standards are.

This is what Japanese government say about food after Fukushima.
Food is going into the market (and people's stomach) when it has less than 500Bq/kg of Radioactive cesium.

The German Society for Radiation Protection recommends no more than 4 Bq/kg of Cesium 137 for children, and no more than 8 Bq/kg for adults.
Original text here (in German).

What would you say?

[Some useful reports in English]
"Fukushima media cover-up -- PR success, public health disaster"
RussiaToday, June 11, 2011
Dr. Robert Jacobs, Professor of nuclear history, at the Hiroshima Peace Institute
- Massive entry of radiation into groundwater in Fukushima
- Will spread throughout water table in the area of Northern Japan
- Effect could be quite wide and large
from ENE News:
on youtube:
'Fukushima media cover-up - PR success, public health disaster'

"Japanese Cancer Expert on the Fukushima Situation"
July 01, 2011
- English summary of an article by Hokkaido Cancer Center director Nishio Masamichi, a radiation treatment specialist.

Medicine & Global Survival "The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster"
Report published by International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, June 2011 Special Edition

[Still, we can't live without the nuclear power?]
T-shirts showing "What? We had enough electricity WITHOUT nuclear power?", based on the graph used by FUJITA Yuko and KOIDE Hiroaki.

The attached leaflet with useful data (Japanese only)

[Various useful leaflets on radiation, external and internal exposure (Japanese only)]



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